There are many factors that keep your company is in a constant state of change. The business world is a changing world. New laws and ordinances alter the legal environment in which you exist. Competitors, clients, consumers, suppliers and service companies can alter their accustomed behaviour at any time. This has an influence on the risks faced by your business. This is why insurance contracts require constant revision and re-adaptation. At least once a year we seek joint discussion on the current situation, including new developments that possibly require contract amendments.

Within the framework of the ongoing contract support we check existing policies and supplements, are always available for consultation on contract matters, check the demands made on you by loan contracts and can conduct annual extension negotiations with the insurers. We also check the invoicing of risk-bearers and undertake collection of insurance premiums.

Our office hours and our great accessibility mean reliable information for you at any time from your individual contact person. This is something we regard as an essential part of the continuous service we provide for you.

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