Claims settlement

The value of an insurance policy often only shows when a damage or loss happens. TRIUM professionally assists you from the notification to the settlement of a claim and is your spokesman when dealing with the insurer. Our competent staff analyses your coverage and together we achieve its acceptance by the insurer. This is our understanding of a fundamental service for you.

Individual customer liaison and support

Individual assistance is taken for granted to reach the necessary confidence for cooperative teamwork. To jointly realize all agreed measures there must be a high degree of identification with the supported company on our side and a high degree of confidence on our customer’s side. To create this confidence, we continually coach our clients and help them with all their problems. Thus, creating confidence is a major goal of our work.

Damage claims and Reporting

We make use of the Internet as a modern communication medium and we offer you a portal here for damage claims and information. This gives you the possibility of quickly reporting new damage verifiably, and of gathering information on developing cases of damage. The state of your information on the settlement of claims is thereby always up to date.
Ask your team about this personal access.

LINK to the Portal for Damage Claims

Upon request we will be happy to prepare your own individual damage and contract statistics. This gives you an overview at all times.

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