Andreas Haberstock

Andreas Haberstock (born 1962) has been working in insurances for over thirty years. Having started his career as an industrial business management assistant, he has gained a lot of experience by heading an insurance company as well as being sales manager, registered officer and managing director of several insurance broker businesses. He has a wide knowledge of designing insurance solutions for national and international commerce and industry clients, professional athletes and container shipping. Further specialities are risk management and innovative consultation concepts for corporate pension funding.

Uwe Janicki

Uwe Janicki (born 1967) is a qualified insurance salesman and certified business economist. He has extensive professional experience as insurance-provider, employee of an insurance agency and of several insurance brokers. He specialises in structuring operational sequences, installation of IT-solutions, acquisition and support service of new clients emphasising on real estate and risk management.

Manuel Soares

With his long lasting work experience, Manuel Soares (born 1968) knows the operational structures of several insurance agencies and insurance brokers. The trained insurance salesman is experienced in supporting private, commerce and industry clients, working in back office, field service, in the claims department and human resources. He has acquired specialist knowledge of the real estate business by designing insurance solutions for national and international corporate clients.

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